Fusion-grill : The features making our barbecues so unique

A multi-fireplace barbecue ready to use

Why a multi-fireplacces??

The concentration of fire points optimise the use of the device and channel the roasters on the same spot. You greatly reduce wildfire factors by allowing access to all. You ensure faster control of barbecue areas and allow several people to cook simultaneously on a spacious and secure individual location.

Depending on the dedicated space and its reception capacity, you have the possibility of composing your areas with the different modularities offered.

Ready to use and installed in 15 minutes on any type of floor.

Our barbecues are all delivered ready to use: once placed on the ground, no assembly is required.

The sub-assemblies concrete ensure the solidity and a perfect stability of the assembly. The steel accessories essential for cooking are integrated as standard.

Focus on a large and functional cooking space

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The Fusion-grill safety

Installation site

Fire prevention begins with a suitable site dedicated to cooking charcoal food. The use of collective barbecue charcoal on a specific area is an alternative to individual barbecues, according to some recommendations defined by prefectural orders. It is important to know them and we advise you to become acquainted with them at your respective prefectures.

The area must be: cleared, without tree branches above the fireplaces and near a suitable fire-extinguishing media such as a water line or a fire extinguisher

High security: Design inspired by fire prevention requirements of departments at risk

Fusion-grill is a non-reversible construction made of non-combustible materials.

  • Receiving and imprisoning embers in the ash drawer, by direct collection through the fireplace evacuation window.
  • Extreme resistance, reduced projection of ember, fully covered fireplace
  • Drawer position farthest under the fireplace

This product complies with DIN (NF) EN 1860-1 + A1.

barbecue collectif la vie dehors

Fusion-Grill Safety Elements

The concrete parts of the Fusion-Grill have the specificity of absorbing the transmitted heat to reduce or even cancel the output, thus ensuring cold external parts to avoid the risk of accidental burning.

barbecue collectif grille

Plate of safety instructions

The safety instruction plate is integrated in front of every fireplace in your Fusion-Grill.

This gives you a safe space between the end of the barbecue and the fireplace.

Better than a simple plate, the laser engraving of the safety instructions makes it an unalterable stainless element.

Safety lock

For a public area installation, we have developed effective systems to reinforce its inviolability and to prevent too-easy theft and degradation.

A movable barbecue:
transportation & installation

Delivery and unloading

Delivery on a special pallet by lorry throughout France included. Unloading and setting up are at your initiative, see technical documents.

Adapted lifting device

Depending on the defined delivery method and the accessibility of the installation site, various lifting devices may be used.
Three lifting rings allow the barbecue to be slung for unloading, moving and installing.

barbecue collectif installation

Easy installation

The upgrade is quick and the installation does not require a concrete slab.
Your Fusion-Grill can be set on a relatively flat (4%) and preferably stabilized ground.
Your area remains intact, and the barbecue is immediately ready for use.

A movable barbecue

For protection, or just for place changing, your barbecue can be moved.
Nothing is fixed, it allows for a re-installation within minutes after a quick upgrade.

A barbecue accessible to people with reduced mobility

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility provides access to a physical place or to information.
The autonomy and the participation of people with reduced mobility consent to reduce or even eliminate the physical and organisational differences in their environment. La vie dehors, as part of this accessibility approach, also aims to improve the quality of life of people with reduced mobility.
Outdoor cooking appliance pioneer in this approach of equity, the FUSION-GRILL offers this particularity to which you associate yourself.

PRM access to the Fusion-Grill

Barbeque for all does not forget anyone, so for La Vie Dehors, it is unthinkable not to think of them. Thus, you promote access for all.

The PRM ergonomics of the Fusion-Grill

You allow a participation in the simple pleasures of life.
With a grid that moves forward when needed.

An eco-responsible barbecue from the beginning

At the foundation of everything, the marriage between the natural and the innovation are the key principles of the company La Vie Dehors.

The specifications of Fusion-grill must allow for a lossless manufacturing, installation without landscaping projects and a healthy life cycle for the man in harmony with the environment.

The results of our study for its design demonstrated that the natural approach provided the answers and the desired efficiency. Thank you mother nature!

Our 6 eco-fundamental pillars:

  • Eco-responsible = Preservation of raw materials and the environment
  • Economic = No additional landscaping costs required and no operating costs
  • Ecological = Activation with natural energy and non-polluting residue
  • Eco-citizenship = User-friendly for all, enhancement of people with reduced mobility, and promoting the link and resident initiative.
  • Eco-consumption = Concept fully recyclable and made to last without heavy maintenance
  • Eco-design = Preserves the natural aspect of the location

Implementation of our eco-responsible approach on the life cycle of FUSION-GRILL.

A barbecue made to last

Specific choices for an optimal duration

Services: Enhancement of customers, a conviction and force majeure
Manufacture in prestressed concrete of the 3 main subassemblies: (fire protection, table and base).
Several types of steels used for their properties according to a desired need, defined by sizes and thicknesses for a required result.

To ensure the longevity of FUSION-GRILL, we suggest the maintenance of your barbecue.


The season is over, you want to ban all use, no problem!
Steel fireplaces and ash drawers can be removed and stored until the next season.

Interchangeable parts

The Fusion-Grill is fully hand-made. Each component is made to measure, which makes it unique on the one hand, but also allows us to replace each part if necessary.
We are in permanent relationship with the different manufacturing service providers and that according to our plans. This feature is important because we not only know the manufacturing processes but we master them. The design of each piece meets a specific need and we are able to explain it to you if you are curious enough to understand.

Quick and easy periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance consists of evacuating the ashes from the fireplace into the ash pan.
The large storage capacity of the ash drawer makes it possible to check its capacity before considering evacuation between 2 and 3 weeks in high season.

A quick and effective cleaning with water, with a high pressure medium is possible on the whole barbecue.

Your FUSION-GRILL like the first day, a higher level

High range cleaning services by La Vie Dehors: we offer annual maintenance with full cleaning and replacement, which can be done at the end of the season. Several choices are available to you, we will bring you the service that suits you.

Have a look by yourself and follow this link to see our cleaning tips ans services.

Interchangeable parts


The season is over, you want to ban all use, no problem! Steel fireplaces and ash drawers can be removed and stored until next season.

Replaceable parts

The Fusion-Grill is fully hand-made. Each component part is made to measure, which makes it unique on the one hand, but also allows us to replace each part if necessary.
We are in permanent relationship with the various service providers manufacturing – according to our plans – whatever we ask. This particularity is important to know because we know the manufacturing process and know how to control them: If there is any problem, it will not remain for long. The design of each piece meets a specific need and we are able to explain it to you if you are curious to understand.