Movable urban barbecue

The different vision of Fusion-Grill combining the natural and the innovation has followed two fundamental axes in its design: ease of management and fast first level maintenance for the purchaser, safety and ergonomics for the user.

It’s more than just a barbecue, check for yourself!

A new style of urban furniture

This new style of useful and functional urban furniture, is designed to last and to be set up without constraints on all types of ground in 15 minutes.

Ground layout (eg concrete slab) is unnecessary, its large adjustable support pads provide a quick levelling.

You want to change the placement area? Nothing is final, it can easily be moved thanks to its lifting rings provided for this purpose!

A wide variety of barbecues

Available concrete colours : Grey – Black – White

Barbecue Duo

From 3900 € HT

  • Modularity : 2-fireplace
  • Dimensions : 2,10m x 1,20m x 1,20m
  • Weight : 850 kg

Why should I choose it:

  • Ideally placed against a wall or a low wall
  • Perfect for small and medium areas
  • Linear access
  • Suitable for 60 people

Barbecue small island  

From 5900 € HT

  • Modularity: 3-fireplace
  • Dimensions : 2.10m x 1.82m x 1.20m
  • Weight: 1200 kg

Why should I choose it:

  • Peripheral access
  • Suitable for 90 people
  • Flagship product
  • Individual and wide workspace for everyone

Barbecue large island

From 7300 € HT

  • Modularity: 4-fireplace
  • Dimensions : 2.10m x 2.40m x 1.20 m
  • Weight : 1700 kg

Why should I choose it:

  • Peripheral access
  • Suitable for 120 people
  • Concentration of fireplaces on a single spot
  • Particularity: it can be split in 2 to get 2 barbecues Duo to be dispersed.