Useful accessories designed for you:

La vie dehors is focused on designing accessories that are consistent with the expectations of buyers and users while taking into account feedback to evolve its products.

pare étincelle

Stainless steel spark screen

Responds effectively to the fire risk prevention requirements of risk departments by preventing the projection of cinders out of the fireplace. It resists a heavy fire, hooks to the plate or is fixed in inviolable mode so as to be permanently present on the fireplace. Intuitive open or closed position.

Price: 180 €


Stainless steel table protection

Opt for an ultra-fast maintenance and a long-term protection.

This brushed stainless steel plate can be cleaned with both a sponge and a high pressure cleaner. With this accessory you ensure and maintain an impeccable state of cleanliness for the entire tray.

Price 110 € / unit

pare braise

Removable stainless steel ember screen (permanent tamper-proof attachment)

Add a double barrier against the projection of ember in order to be ever more precise in terms of fire risk management in the most sensitive areas. Directly in contact with the embers, it can also be installed alone or in addition to the spark arrester.

Price: 110 €


Trio of ustensils

Includes: sausage tongs for handling food, an ash shovel for stirring and removing embers and a steel brush to clean the grill

Price : 45 €


Stainless steel locking set

Prevents the ash drawer from coming out of its slides. This option withstands a temperature of 750 °, and is activated by a special Push and Turn key for optimum safety of the ash drawer.

Price : 80 €


Large capacity 304L stainless steel grid with wooden handle

You decide whether it can be removed from the home and prevent the user from using the barbecue without your permission, or whether having it permanently tamper-proof

Delivered with each barbecue but can also be bought individually

Price : 160€

perche barbecue collectif

Handling pole made of stainless steel (PRM)

The pole makes it possible to raise or lower the safety accessories (ember screen and spark screen), by a person in a wheelchair without difficulty. It hooks easily to the accessory and ensures a smooth and safe maneuver. Price: 30 €


Barbecue cover

Delivered with its nylon bag, it protects against bad weather and keeps your barbecue clean.

Polyester tarpaulin, 325g/m2, nautical quality. Grey, zipper + clips

5 year warranty

Price: Barbecue 2 fireplaces: 290€ / 3 fireplaces: 360€ / 4 fireplaces: 480€


Kit 2 uses

Developed for 2 uses, the 20-liter charcoal bag and its bag of 4 fire-starters provide users with a quick-use kit to avoid wastage. The use of charcoal is the most suitable in terms of safety because it does not make big flames. The sale of fuels allows you to make a margin.

Nettoyage 2

Maintenance, cleaning and refurbishment

In order to keep your barbecue in perfect condition, we provide the refurbishment of your fireplaces and the complete cleaning of your barbecue.

See our rates.


Create your ideal look by giving a personal and particular character to what belongs to you. Be a reflection of yourself and take great care of every detail!



Highlight your company and your personal markings.

Method and process :

-Vectorised PDF file to be provided
-We produce a model
-You provide your comments if necessary
-We produce a prototype and then the mass production

Translation of inscriptions in your original language is included

Price 180 € (to be paid only once)

Personnalisation - polissage table

Table polishing

Let me give you a different view of concrete and make you change your mind. This material with various characteristics offers several aesthetic possibilities. Polishing is a work of patience which provides a particularly pleasant visual and touch. Its cost is reasonable for an absolutely unique rendering.

Price 300 €